What will an engagement cost our company?

Capsprings’ cost savings audit, negotiation and recommendations process are free of charge. We earn a percentage of the final savings. If we don’t find anything, we don’t invoice you.

What types of companies does Capspring work with?

Capspring has worked with healthcare providers, school systems, restaurant groups, Fortune 500 companies, not for profit companies, and everything in between. 

How much time will a review take from my staff?

A review requires very little from your staff.  We need only recent bills from the expense categories that we review, and Capspring does the rest – negotiation, recommendations, implementation and ongoing auditing. 

Does it matter where my company is located?

No. Capspring works with companies operating anywhere in the United States.

We have staff (accounting, purchasing/procurement, IT, operations, facilities management, etc.) that handles our bills and vendors. We don’t need Capspring, right?

Capspring reviews hundreds of contracts and bills each month, which provides a database for benchmarking the best possible pricing. We also contract with and employ people who have previously worked at the vendors you pay each month. As a result, we know these companies inside and out – their lowest rates, salesperson commission policies, negotiation policies, etc. We have found savings in over 98% of our engagements. We have routinely found significant savings for Fortune 500 companies.

What happens if you don’t find any savings?

While such an event is extraordinarily rare (we have a 98%+ success rate), if we find no savings or refunds, you owe us nothing.  In addition, you will have free confirmation from industry experts that you are getting the best possible rates from your vendors. 

Do we have to share confidential information?

Although there is a strong confidentiality provision in our client agreements, we don’t ask for sensitive or confidential information from you or your company. We simply ask for recent bills and the authority to work with the vendors you approve to negotiate on your behalf.

How much money can we expect to save?

Our experience has taught us that every engagement is different. However, we have historically saved an average of 25-40% in aggregate across the categories that we investigate.

Will we have to switch to new vendors?

No. We are vendor neutral.  We can find savings in almost any expense category through renegotiations with your incumbent vendor. However, we will always present alternative vendor proposals for each expense category that we review in order to provide you with the best possible options.

How do I get started with Capspring?

Contact us anytime at (615) 522-5322 or by e-mail us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.